Selection of oil filter material


Oil filter media: hydraulic oil filter generally uses high-quality glass fiber filter paper, wood pulp filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper as filter material.
Selection of oil filter core materials: generally there are stainless steel braided mesh, sintered mesh, iron mesh, perforated mesh for lubricating filter element, special stainless steel mesh, etc.
The oil filter element is composed of a single layer or multiple layers of metal mesh and filter material after high-density and high-pressure treatment, and is folded into a corrugation. The number of layers and the number of meshes constituting the wire mesh are determined according to different use conditions and uses. Concentricity High, high pressure resistance, good straightness, stainless steel material, without any burrs, to ensure the service life of the product.
For example, the filter element used for filtering hydraulic oil in the ordinary hydraulic system generally uses glass fiber material, which is used in the coarse filtration of the lubricating oil and hydraulic oil, the fine impurities in the fine filtration, metal particles, etc. The use of glass fiber filter material can improve the filter element The filtration efficiency, dirt holding capacity is large, and the service life can be long.
The hydraulic oil filter is suitable for: petrochemical, oil field pipeline filtration; fueling equipment, engineering machinery equipment fuel filtration; water treatment industry equipment filtration; pharmaceutical and food processing field filtration, etc.
The filters commonly used with oil filter elements include oil suction, oil return filter, double-barrel filter, oil filter car, etc., which are used to filter the factory hydraulic system.
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