Precautions when using oil filter


The role of the oil filter element is to filter out metal particles and impurities in the special oil of the hydraulic system, so that the oil entering the host is very clean, so as to protect the safe operation of the host device.
Characteristics of oil filter:
1. The hydraulic oil filter element has excellent filtering function, and has good filtering effect on particles of 3-200 μm
2. Good corrosion resistance, heat resistance and wear resistance
3. The pore space of the hydraulic oil filter element is uniform and does not block, which can ensure the accuracy of the filtration accuracy
4. The hydraulic oil filter has a large filtering area and a large flow;
5. Long service life of hydraulic oil filter
Industrial hydraulic oil will be mixed with some impurities due to various reasons during use. The main impurities are mechanical impurities, water and air, etc. These magazines will cause accelerated corrosion, increase mechanical wear, reduce work efficiency, and reduce oil deterioration. The service life of the equipment will cause blockage of the oil circuit and cause production accidents in severe cases. Filtration of hydraulic oil in concrete pumps, filtration of hydraulic oil in construction machinery, and filtration of hydraulic oil in hydraulic stations.
The hydraulic oil filter element is generally made of glass fiber filter material folded into a corrugated shape and bonded with a skeleton, or the filter paper and stainless steel wire mesh are folded together into a corrugated shape after high pressure is combined. A period of impurities has precipitated, which increases the pressure drop and the flow rate will slow down. At this time, the impurities in the filter element must be removed in time, otherwise it will affect the normal operation of the equipment.
Under normal circumstances, the oil filter element is a folded filter element, and the impurities are not easy to clean. If the blockage is serious, the filter element must be replaced to avoid unnecessary losses. If the oil is too dirty, it is necessary to install two-stage filtration or three-stage filtration. Firstly, the hydraulic oil is coarsely filtered, and then finely filtered, which can extend the service life of the filter element.
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