Large flow filter core thickened skeleton support


     The high-flow filter element adopts imported polypropylene filter material, and the filter material, skeleton and end cover are welded together. The five-layer folded design of the filter element provides a larger filtration area than other filter elements. The filtering flow of a single filter element can reach 60m³ / h has a longer filtration life, reduces the frequency of filter replacement, and reduces costs. The overall skeleton structure has high mechanical strength and will not be deformed under harsh process conditions.
     According to different filtering conditions, large-flow filter elements can choose different thickness and strength of skeleton support. The universal skeleton can be used in a general environment. Under the condition of large pressure or instantaneous pressure, it is easy to produce cracks or deformation, which affects the filtration efficiency. In the storage process, pay attention to the storage warehouse of the large-flow filter element, do not place any other harmful gases or corrosive media, and place the product reasonably. In addition, proper temperature control should be ensured, and changes in the warehouse should be observed as much as possible. A thermometer or hygrometer can be installed.
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