Introduction about the characteristics of reverse osmosis membrane


Reverse osmosis membrane is the core component of reverse osmosis equipment. RO reverse osmosis membrane is made of polymer materials. Some polymer materials have good repellency to salt, which can ensure fast and clean purification speed and extreme in the actual purification. Purification ability. During purification, it can be found that the RO reverse osmosis membrane has many characteristics such as proper permeation amount or salt rejection rate, which are roughly as follows:
1. High-quality purification ability. Because the popular RO reverse osmosis membrane can effectively remove bacteria and other microorganisms, organic matter, and inorganic substances such as metal elements, the effluent water quality is greatly superior to other methods. Therefore, this RO reverse osmosis membrane has become indispensable for purifying water quality in China. One of the materials.
2, RO reverse osmosis to produce pure water running costs and labor costs are low, reducing environmental pollution. The quality of produced water is slowed down due to fluctuations in source water quality, which is beneficial to the stability of water quality in production, which has a positive effect on the stability of pure aquatic product quality. Reverse osmosis system fault judgment and solving methods can reduce the burden on subsequent processing equipment, thereby extending the service life of subsequent processing equipment.
3. Excellent value for money RO reverse osmosis membrane has high water flux and high salt rejection rate. During use, it can be found that ro reverse osmosis has good chemical stability, is among mild neutral materials, has a long service life, can be used in a wide range of pressures, and can be used in a wide range of temperatures. This performance ensures subsequent cleaning easier.
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