About the difference between the coarse effect filter and the primary effect filter


In the filtering equipment market, there are many types of equipment. Maybe you will see that some filter equipment is called the primary effect filter and some are called the coarse effect filter. So, what are the coarse effect filter and the preliminary effect filter? the difference?
In fact, there are very many primary effect filters. In the air filter, it can be divided into primary effect filters, intermediate effect filters, and high efficiency filters according to the working principle. Effect filter, so that there is no difference between a coarse effect filter and an initial effect filter. The two are the same device, but different users have different names for the device.
In addition, I would like to introduce the advantages of using the primary filter.
1. The equipment is relatively light.
2. Low price.
3. High temperature resistance. The primary effect filter equipment is usually made of stainless steel frame, which can withstand the high temperature filtering environment of 250-300 degrees Celsius, and the applicable environment is more extensive, which can meet the different needs of users.
4. The cleaning work is simple and easy to operate. The cleaning interval of the primary effect filter is more suitable at about 6 months. Moreover, due to the impact of the use environment, the equipment has a lot of dust attached, so it is more suitable to use water or a cleaning agent for cleaning. Both are very simple. It doesn't take much thought to operate.
The above is a brief introduction about the difference between the coarse effect filter and the initial effect filter. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.
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