Lubricant Filter Machine


As the lubricant of hydraulic system, lubricating oil is mainly used for lubrication, auxiliary cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and reducing the wear of mechanical components. Therefore, it is very important to reduce the content of hard particles in the system cycle, especially for precision systems with small gaps. The lubricating oil filter filters harmful components such as moisture, impurities, and volatiles (such as ammonia) in the oil to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system, power system, and lubrication system.
About lubricant filtration:
Leakage of the lubrication system, inadequate sealing, long-term heat load of the oil, open oil storage, etc. The moisture and gas in the air penetrate into the oil, resulting in water and gas in the lubricant. Hazard of water, gas and impurities in lubricating oil:
● The oil is rapidly oxidized and deteriorated to generate acidic substances, which corrode the metal contact surface;
● Additive precipitation in oil fails, the thickness of oil lubricating film decreases, and the wear on mechanical contact surfaces increases;
● Oil-lubricating, cooling and flow performance are reduced, accelerating metal surface fatigue;
● Ice crystals formed at low temperatures cause element blockage;
● The oil system responds slowly and is accompanied by irregular movements, which reduces the conduction performance;
● Damage the oil pump and power equipment by cavitation.
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