What is the type and quality of the filter element?


    Filter element can be divided into:
    Stainless steel filter, glass fiber filter, plant fiber filter, chemical fiber filter, copper sintered filter, PE sintered filter, etc.
To judge the quality of the filter element, consider the following aspects:
    1. Selection of filter media: There are various types of filter media such as metal mesh, metal felt, glass fiber, plant fiber, organic chemical fiber, etc. The selection of qualified filter media is the first condition to ensure the quality of filter element.
    2. Structure of filter element
    3. Production process
    4. Finished product inspection: Generally, 60-300um metal mesh filter material is used for stainless steel filter element, and 25-200um metal mesh is sometimes used in the lubrication system. There are also 5-20um metal mesh filters for special occasions.
    5. appearance quality and so on.
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