Replacement period of stainless steel oil filter?


      Any product has a certain service life and life, and the stainless steel filter element cannot be used online all the time. Familiarity and understanding of the replacement time of the stainless steel oil filter element is an essential link for the maintenance of machinery and equipment.
      In general, diesel engines and machine filters should be replaced every 150 hours when machinery uses low-grade diesel. If the sulfur content is above 1.0 ﹪, the diesel and machine filters should be replaced every 60 hours. Use crusher, vibrating ram and other equipment with heavy load on the hydraulic system. The replacement time of the hydraulic oil return filter, pilot filter and respirator filter is every 100h.
      Hydraulic excavators generally need to be replaced with hydraulic oil after 2000 hours of operation, otherwise the system will be contaminated and cause system failure. According to statistics, about 90% of hydraulic system failures are caused by system pollution.
      On the basis of checking the color, viscosity and odor of the oil, the oil pressure and air humidity should also be checked.
      If working in a high altitude and low temperature environment, you must also pay close attention to the carbon content, colloids and sulfides in the engine oil, and the impurities, paraffin and moisture in the diesel oil. In the lubricating system, try to install thermal insulation and temperature increasing devices to ensure the fluidity of the oil. At the same time, due to the harsh environment and the difficulty of personnel inspection, a differential pressure alarm device needs to be added. The filter element can be found in time and replaced in time to avoid equipment damage.
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