About the classification of air filters


 In the air filtering equipment, the application of the air filter screen is very wide, it has many classifications, each with its own characteristics. Today I will explain the four major categories of air filter screens:
The first is a metal rubber filter. Its material is very special, mainly using stainless steel wire, because there is no rubber included, so the structural design is very individual. We can see that many capillary structures are distributed, so it can be used in high and low temperature air. In addition, it can also be used if there is a large temperature difference. For example, it can be used in strong radiation and high vacuum environment. The advantage is strong anti-corrosion ability, and not bad impact resistance. We can adjust the filtering accuracy according to the needs of use. It is also very easy to clean and the density will not be changed.
The second is a ventilation filter. It uses nylon material, which can resist acid and alkali environment, and the resistance is not high. It can also be cleaned. For everyone, it is an economical and practical air filter. affected. It is also resistant to impact and has higher sales on the market.
Thirty-three is a metal filter. Steel is made of metal, such as aluminum foil mesh, and stainless steel mesh. It has speciality, the surface is wavy, and the angle is very special. There is cross and overlap, which can reflect the arrangement of density. Objects will leave different orientations during the filtering process, the purpose is to ensure the filtering efficiency. If there is a requirement for filtering efficiency, it is worth using this series of air filter screens.
The fourth is the coarse filter. It can be used for coarse dust filtering or pre-filtration. The filter must be checked during the design process. The material of the air filter is relatively fragile. If the stainless steel wire mesh is deformed, it may affect the filtration accuracy and purity, as well as the use of the compressor and other equipment of the machine.
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