3M dust removal filter application and characteristics analysis


3M dust removal filter is used in gas / solid separators with large dust content and high requirements. It is a dust removal filter used for gas-solid separation.
  3M dust removal filter advantages:
 1. 3M dust removal filter in the industry is mainly used to compress the dust in the air, high efficiency, simple installation, easy to use, and easy maintenance.
 2. 3M dust removal filter has the advantages of high filtration accuracy, good water and oil resistance, small resistance, large air volume, good stiffness, not easy to deform, washable, long life and so on.
 3. 3M dust filter element polyester fiber filter paper, glass fiber sintered felt using high-quality wood pulp fiber filter paper, high-strength polyester fiber nonwovens and other filter materials suitable for various industrial production dust removal system needs.
  3M dust removal filter features:
 1. Dust removal is very important in the industrial field. The 3M dust removal filter is an instrument that can effectively solve the dust. Therefore, the 3M dust removal filter is widely used in the industrial field.
 2. 3M dust removal filter has acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, strong professional performance, large filtration area, oil and water resistance, high filtration efficiency, large air volume, high strength, large tensile force, strong abrasion resistance, high filtration accuracy, high running resistance Small, low coefficient of friction, strong non-stick powder performance, good moisture and moisture resistance, can be washed repeatedly, and improve the quality of powder materials.
  3M dust removal filter application advantages analysis:
 1. 3M dust removal filter manufacturers products are mainly used in coating equipment, industrial dust removal, central air conditioning duct cleaning, dust spraying, sand blasting, pigment industry, wood processing and filtering.

 2. 3M dust removal filter element accuracy can reach 0.3 microns. The filtration efficiency is 99.96%. The imported long-fiber polyester filter material has the fibers interlaced and evenly distributed.
 3. 3M dust removal filter element has good abrasion resistance, can withstand the pulse back blow of air flow more than traditional filter material, the filter material has good stiffness, and can be repeatedly cleaned.
 4. 3M dust removal filter end cap, center frame are electro-galvanized parts, do not rust, deeply loved by various industrial fields.
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