Where are high-flow filters used?


High-flow filter elements are more commonly used in the filter element industry. Large flow rates also mean that a smaller number of filter elements are used, which reduces labor costs and operating costs, so it has a wide range of applications.
Generally, high-flow filter elements are used more frequently in the following areas:
1. RO security filtration, seawater desalination pretreatment;
2. Filtration of bottled water, sugar liquid, cooking oil, fruit juice, soft drinks, milk;
3. Filtration of raw materials, solvents and water in the biopharmaceutical industry;
4. Paints, coatings, petrochemicals;
5. Filtration of condensate in power plants, etc.
The above is the main application field of high flow filter element. You can choose the suitable filter element product according to your own field of use and specific environment.
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