Melt filter element for petrochemical industry


Filter introduction:
Various melt filter elements made of stainless steel fiber sintered felt, which are resistant to high pressure, high temperature and chemical corrosion; good air permeability, large dirt holding capacity, long life, and can be reused for cleaning and regeneration. 2. Ideal filter element for chemical fiber industry.
The filter materials used in the melt filter element are mainly stainless steel fiber sintered felt, sintered mesh, and stainless steel woven mesh.
Melt filter element use:
Suitable for high-temperature, high-pressure, high-viscosity, high-molecular polymer filtration, filtering out solid particles in the medium to ensure the cleanliness of the medium;
The pleated filter element is suitable for chemical fiber and textile systems;
Disc filter element is suitable for plastic industry such as film and packaging materials.
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