How to maintain the air filter?


How to maintain the air filter?
   The key points of air filter maintenance should be placed on the filter screen. What is the filter screen? In the working process of the filter equipment, the filter screen plays an important role. The air first passes through the filter screen to filter out impurities and harmful substances. The purified air is discharged again and filtered. The daily contact between the mesh and the air is relatively frequent. Over the long term, impurities and dust will accumulate in the filter to a certain extent. If it is not disposed of in time, it will block the filter holes and cause damage to the filter, so the entire equipment will be used. affected. Therefore, it is recommended that you regularly clean and maintain the filter screen, and clean the stains that can be washed with water in time. If the water cannot be washed out, you must soak it with a special cleaning agent and then clean it. In addition, many consumers think that the air filter equipment is integrated with the filter, and do not know that the service life of the air filter is limited. After using it for a period of time, it is recommended that you check the filter in time for deformation or Is there any damage to the filter holes? If so, replace them with new ones to avoid affecting the use of the equipment.
   In addition, do not think that it is enough to clean the filter screen. When the device is used daily, the shell of the device must be wiped with a clean and soft cloth diligently. When not in use, keep the device in a dry environment. Do not allow the equipment to be exposed to the sun and the rain, and to do every maintenance work to protect the equipment and further improve the equipment life. The above is an introduction to the maintenance of air filter equipment. I hope everyone can pay more attention to this information.
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