What are the materials of stainless steel oil filter?


Stainless steel oil filter, as its name suggests, is generally used in the hydraulic system or oil filter, its role is to filter impurities in the hydraulic oil, to ensure the cleanliness of the hydraulic oil and the smooth operation of the hydraulic system. So what material is better when choosing stainless steel oil filter?
Stainless steel oil filter sometimes the filtering medium is not ordinary hydraulic oil, it will have a certain corrosiveness or the working temperature is relatively high. In this case, glass fiber cannot be used. Stainless steel metal mesh must be used, and the material of glass fiber is relatively brittle. Non-reusable filter media can not be reused when the filter element is blocked, and it must be replaced in time. If stainless steel is used as the material, it can be reused.
The filter materials used in general stainless steel oil filters are high-quality glass fibers. Because glass fibers are sharp, they can break open oil spores, can better filter impurities in oil, and the accuracy range of glass fibers is relatively wide. Different filtration accuracy is selected according to different environments. Furthermore, glass fiber is cheaper than other metal materials, so the use of glass fiber as a filter material for stainless steel oil filter elements is more cost-effective.
So the selection of stainless steel oil filter element should be based on the customer's different working environment and cost performance.
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