Application fields of powder sintered filter


Metal powder sintered filter element uses metal powder as raw material, no need to add binder. It is made by high-temperature vacuum sintering after cold-mold static pressure forming. By selecting the size and process parameters of metal powder particles, the pore size and accuracy distribution of components can be adjusted. Utilize the characteristics of pore structure, material composition, compressive strength and other characteristics of different filter materials to develop filter products that are ultimately suitable for users.
Metal powder sintered filter can be widely used in petrochemical, chemical, fine chemical, coal chemical, food and beverage, nuclear power, shipbuilding, automobile manufacturing and other industries due to its product performance.
Metal powder sintered filter is particularly suitable for the following applications:
1. Catalyst filtration;
2. Filter liquids and gases;
3. Mother liquor recovery and filtration in PTA production;
4. Filtration in food and beverage;
5. Boiling vaporized bed;
6. Liquid flushing tank bubbles;
7. fire resistance and flameproof;
8.  Balance and damp airflow;
9. sensor probe protection;
10. Filtering and muffler on pneumatic equipment;
11. Fly ash treatment;
12. Gas homogenization and pneumatic transportation in the powder industry.
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