Is the precision of the stainless steel filter selected as high as possible?



      For an engine or equipment, an appropriate filter should achieve a balance between filtration efficiency and ash content. The use of filter elements with excessive filtration accuracy may result in a shortened service life of the filter element due to the low volume of the filter element, which increases the risk of the oil passing through the bypass valve due to the oil filter element being clogged.
     Solid contamination in hydraulic systems is the main cause of hydraulic system failure, so high-precision stainless steel filter cartridges are used to control pollution. In fact, this will not only increase the manufacturing cost of the system, but also shorten the service life of the stainless steel filter.
     So how to choose the accuracy of the filter reasonably? It is mainly determined by the fluidity requirements of the components and equipment of the hydraulic system.       
     The higher the cleanliness required by the equipment, the higher the accuracy of the filter selection. When the wear particles enter the motion pair gap of the component, a worn chain reaction occurs. Therefore, in order to reduce wear and extend the life of the component to a large extent, it is necessary to filter out particles having a size close to the gap.
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