Microporous filter life


The microporous filter is mainly used for fine filtration, antibacterial and activation treatment of drinking water, and can remove heavy metal ions in water, fully remove residual chlorine, organic chemicals, color and odor in water, and obtain mineralization by using the pp filter. Purify and activate drinking water.

The normal brushing frequency of the microporous filter element is 20-28 times. The ceramic filter element is evenly coated with silver ions and antibacterial active ingredients. It has antibacterial and antiseptic effect, can effectively remove bacteria, fine particle impurities and viruses in water, and can be widely applied. Purification of drinking water, mineral water, sterilization and sterilizing water in medicine, electronics industry, disinfection water, preparation of high-purity water, chemical industry, etc. Generally 10-12 months can be used, good ceramic filter can be used for 3-5 years, or even more time.
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