What is the role of the air filter?


   What is the role of the air filter?
   Air filters are mainly used on automotive engines and are important accessories to ensure that the air entering the engine is clean. The air filter mainly filters out the sand and some suspended particles in the air, so that the air entering the engine is relatively clean. It can be seen that the air filter plays an important role in the car.
   Not only that, the air filter can also filter the air entering the interior of the cabin from the outside, so that the cleanliness of the air is improved, and the health of the passengers in the vehicle is ensured. Vehicles often pass through some gray roads and do not clean the filters for a long time. They not only fail to filter the air, but also pollute the air inside the car and become turbid.
   Regular cleaning and maintenance of the air filter is necessary. Remove the filter element and clean it regularly. When the car reaches a certain number of miles, you need to replace the filter.
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