PP Melt Blown Filter Cartridge
Product Description
PP melt blown filter cartridge is a kind of tubular filter cartridge, made of the nontoxic and fine polypropylene particle by heating, melting, spinning, pulling, and molding. Except being used in water purification, due to its excellent chemical compatibility it is also used for filtering strong acid, lye and organic solvent.


Medicine filtration

Chemical liquids filtration
Food industry liquid filtration
Electroplating petroleum filtration
Ultra-pure water equipment security systems
Applyied to drinking water filtration in daily life .


1. High dirt holding capacity.

2. 100% PP content help it have excellent corrosion-resistance.
3. Available in a wide selection of filter rating from 1μm to 150μm
4. The superior of polypropylene filter media ensure its high efficiency in the inner layer.
5. The thermal bonded micro-fiber construction make sure that there is no fiber releasing in the process.
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