Liquid Bag Filter Cartridge
1)Materials: Polyester, Nylon, PP, PE, PTFE, Nomex, Fiberglass, etc.
2)Technics: Nonwoven Needle Punched
3)Gram Weight: 100gsm-1000gsm
4)Thickness: 0.5mm-30mm
5)Usage: Air Filtration, Liquid filtration, Powder filtration
6)High efficiency of removing dust particle
7)Easy clear and long useful life
8)Smooth surface after Singeing Calandaring Heat setting
1) The fume and smoke treatment and particle removing system in metallurgy plant, alloy plant, steel works, moulding factories, fire-retardant factories and power stations
2) Fume filtration, tiny particle recycle and division of liquid and solid in aluminum electro analysis, tin, zinc, cooper and other rare metals
3) Smoke filtration in garbage burning, coal-feed boiler and liquidized laid boilers
4) Division of liquid, solid and tiny particle recycle in chemicals, coke, carbon, dyestuff, pharmacy and plastics
5) Asphalt concrete mixture, cements, ceramics, building materials, lime and plaster
6) Dust treatment, purification and collection in electronics, mining, foodstuff processing, flour and timber processing.
Technical Characteristics
1. Singeing and calendaring treatment----not only improve the cleaning performance accuracy and low dropout performance of the filter material.
2. Anti-static treatment---
Anti-static filter material which is the fiber or fiber nixed with conductive fibers ( including the binary conductive 
fiber, carbon fiber or stainless steel conductive fiber), so that the filter material has conductive properties.
3. Water and oil proof Treatment---can prevent and mitigate paste bags of phenomenon.
4. Easily dedusting treatment---it has good cleaning performance, air permeability, and can work long hours in a high filtered wind speed.
5. PTFE with the membrane treatment---has high filtering accuracy, smooth surface, no adhesion of dust, easily dedusting and the dust does not penetrate into 
the filter inside to achieve the surface.
6. ZMPS Microfiber treatment---high filtration efficiency; many kinds of surface treatment to meet the needs of different operating conditions; decrease 
the investment and cost.
Component Elongation@50N/5cm
Fibre 100%PP Longitudinal(%) Transverse(%)
Scrim 100%PP <3% <3%
Weight(g/m²) 500 Operating Temperatures
Thickness(mm) 2.0 Continuous(°C) Surge(°C)
Density(g/cm3) 0.25 130 150
Mean Air Permeability (L/dm².min) 150-250 Max Dry Shrinkage in 90 minutes:(150°C)(%) <1%
Breaking Strength Surface Treatment Heat Setting,  Singed, Represent add stainless  steel fibers
Longitudinal(N) Transverse(N)
>1000 >1200
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