Portable Oil Purifier Machine
Product Description

This BLYJ portable oil purifier is mainly used for removing the impurities in different kinds of used oil, such as hydraulic oil, engine oil, motor oil, low viscosity lubricant oil, water - ethylene glycol and so on. After filtration, the oil can be reused again without any damage.

The material outside is made of carbon steel. There are two filter cartridges with superior filter material in this machine to ensure its excellent filter efficiency. The oil’s cleanness can be up to NAS1638-4 grade.

Moreover, it is usually used as the prefiltration equipment in the hydraulic system to prolong the service life of hydraulic elements.


1. It can recycle used oil and reduce cost.
2. Oil cleanness can reach NAS1638~after treatment.
3. It can be independent of the main system to work as a bypass filter device.
4. It can be used for purifying oil when refueling to improve the cleanliness of crude oil.
5. It is used in various hydraulic lubrication system of industry to purge solid parcels and extend hydraulic elements’ service life.


1. It is easy to operate and repair.
2. It has strong self-priming capability.
3. It has the advantages of smooth operation and low noise.
4. Possessing overflow protection device can effectively protect the safety of hydraulic accessories and motor.
5. The filter housing use quick-opening construction which is convenient to open the cover and replace the filter without any tools.
6. It is equipped with a pressure gauge which can indicate the operation conditions and give signals of replacing filter cartridge.
7. Simple structure, easy to carry, especially for mobile sites.

 Technical Parameters   Type
Flow Rate  L/min        16 L/min
Rated Pressure   MPa 0.6MPa
Working Pressure   MPa  0.35MPa
Working Temperature   ℃   0-80℃
Medium Viscosity mm²/s  5-800mm²/s
Suction Height    m      1m
Filtration Precision   μm   3,5,10,15,20,25,40μm
Supply Voltage    V AC220V,50Hz
Motor Power   KW         0.25KW
Size   mm 630x165x340mm
Weight    Kg         28Kg
Working Medium     Engine Oil,Lubricating Oil,Cooking Oil
Filtering Stage   Two Stage
Material   Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel
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