Movable Oil Purifier Machine
Product Description

This unique oil filtering machine contains a special motor-driven gear pump which features low noise, strong self-priming capability and smooth operation. 
(1) A special high pressure pipeline with overflow protection device will ensure the safety of the hydraulic system. It automatically adapts to  constantly changing thermal conditions to prevent the motor from being damaged by accidental overload.
(2) The first stage filter in the suction inlet will protect the oil pump and prolong the primary filter’s service life. The precision made fine filter can be customized to any individual customers requests. The outside housing adapts perfectly to the filters inside. Moreover, a simple mechanism for opening the housing makes it convenient to replace the filter inside it without the need for specialized tool or an expensive service call
(3) The panel is equipped with a pressure gauge which continuously indicates the current operational status of the system and the efficiency of filter element while the motor is working.

Applications and Features

1.This kind of machine with two stage filter cartridges is widely used in various hydraulic lubrication system of industries to remove impurities and extend the hydraulic service life.
2. It can recycle various types of used oil to reduce cost, such as used engine oil, used motor oil, used lubricant oil, used hydraulic oil, water/glycol, phosphate hydraulic fluid etc. please contact he manufacturer for more specific information. If the machine is made of stainless steel, it can be applied for filtering of used cooking oil. 
3. It is used for purification when refueling to improve the cleanliness of base oil.
4. It can operate independently of the main system to work as a bypass filter. 
5. The filtered oil meets NAS1638~4.
6. This machine is very easy to move and operate.

 Technical Parameters   Type
      LYJ-25       LYJ-50      LYJ-100        LYJ-150
Flow Rate  L/min        25L/min        50L/min        100L/min         150L/min
Rated Pressure   MPa 0.6MPa
Working Pressure   MPa  0.4MPa
Working Temperature   ℃   <90℃
Medium Viscosity mm²/s  5-800mm²/s
Suction Height   m      1m
Filtration Precision   μm   3,5,10,15,20,25,40μm
Supply Voltage   V AC380V,50Hz
Motor Power   KW          0.5KW        0.75KW        1.5KW           3KW
Size   mm  640x750x1010mm 640x750x1010mm 610x810x1170mm 610x810x1470mm
Weight  Kg          39Kg          59Kg         120Kg          150Kg
Working Medium   Hydraulic Oil,Lubricating Oil,Cooking Oil,Phosphate Ester Fire-Resistant Oil
Sealing Material   Nitrile Rubber (NBR)/ Fluorine Rubber 
Material   Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
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