Box-Type Oil Purifier Machine
Product information
1. It is easy to operate and repair.
2. It can recycle used oil and reduce cost.
3. Owning compact structure and beautiful appearance.
4. It has the advantages of smooth operation and low noise.
5. It can be independent of the main system to work as a bypass filter device.
6. It can be used for purifying oil when refueling to improve the cleanliness of crude oil.
7. It is used in various hydraulic lubrication system of industry to purge solid parcels and extend hydraulic  
Elements’ service life.

TechnicalParameters Type LYJ-25A LYJ-50A LYJ-100A LYJ-150A
FlowRate L/min 25L/min 50L/min 100L/min 150L/min
RatedPressure MPa 0.6MPa
WorkingPressure MPa 0.4MPa
WorkingTemperature °C <90°C
MediumViscosity mm²/s 3-1000mm²/s
SuctionHeight m 1m
FiltrationPrecision μm 3,5,10,15,20,25,40μm
SupplyVoltage V AC380V,50Hz
MotorPower KW 0.5KW 0.75KW 1.5KW 3KW
Size mm 950x560x900mm 950x560x900mm 950x560x900mm 950x560x900mm
Weight Kg 39Kg 59Kg 120Kg 150Kg
WorkingMedium   HydraulicOil,LubricatingOil,Water-Glycol,PhosphateEsterFire-ResistantOil
FilteringStage   DoubleStage
SealingMaterial   NitrileRubber(NBR)/FluorineRubber
Material   CarbonSteel/StainlessSteel
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