ZKTA Vacuum Oil Purifier
Product Description  
Based on absorbing the technology of oil purifier equipment abroad, ZKTA multi-functional vacuum oil purifier is a new generation oil purifier equipment, developed by our company. Integrated controlled by PLC, it is easy and convenient to operate. Moreover, it is efficiency for deaeration, water-removing, demulsification, depickling, mechanical impurities purification. It is widely used to purify steam-turbine oil of electric system, transformer oil, Phosphate ester fire-resistant oil and oil in the industries of metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, aviation and so on.  
The free water and dissolved water make oil deterioration by lowering lubricity, oxidizing and forming acid. ZLTA multi-functional oil purifier can remove 100% free water and more than 75% dissolved water. In insulating oil, the filtering level can prevent electrical breakdown caused by charged particles.
ZKTA multi-functional vacuum oil purifier can remove 100% free air and more than 75% dissolved air. The air is purged when oil flow through the vacuum tower.
3.Rigid granules removing
ZKTA multi-functional vacuum oil purifier can filter rigid granules which cause mechanical wear between bearing, pump and valve. Besides, it can clear sludge accumulating between spool and sleeve.
Parameters Unit ZY-20 ZY-5O ZY-100 ZY-150
Flow Rate L/min 20 50 100 150
Vacuum Degree Mpa -0.06~-0.098
Working Pressure Mpa ≤0.4 ≤0.5 ≤0.5 ≤0.5
Breakdown Voltage KY ≥65 ≥65 ≥70 ≥70
Water Content PPM ≤4
Gas Content % ≤0.1
Impurity Size μm ≤5
Working Without Trouble H ≥4000
Temperture range 20~80
Continuous Working H ≥150
Power Supply V 380V 50HZ 3Phases 
(or as needed)
Working Noise dB(A) ≤65 ≤70 ≤70 ≤75
Heating Power KW 15 30 48 60
Toal Power KW 16.5 33.5 53 65
Inlet/outlet Caliber mm DN25 DN32 DN42 DN50
Weight Kg 250 300 550 700
Size Long mm 1100 1200 1600 1600
Wide mm 850 950 1000 1100
High mm 1400 1500 1800 1800
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