Bag Air Filter
Product Description

Bag Filters is a cost-effective and economical solution for high efficiency filtration. It's usually used together with pre filter and HEPA filter to build a dust
prevent system.Pre filter---->medium filter----->HEPA filter----->clean room.The Quality Bag Filters features a non-carcinogenic, microfiber polypropylene
media that resists moisture, microbial growth and abrasion. 

Pocket or named Bag Filters are best suited for offices, paint booths, refineries, computer rooms, hospitals, schools and general industrial applications.

Type: multi-pocket air filter
Applications: coarse and fine particle filtration 
Size: customized size and design is available 
Frame: Aluminium, galvanized steel or plastic
Filter media: synthetic fiber, fiber glass or activated carbon 
Efficiency: G4-F9
Average resistance: 85%-95% 
MERV: MERV8~15(ASHRAE 52.2-1999)
DIN 53438 Flammability: F1
UL 900 Standard: Class 2
Final pressure drop: 250Pa (G3-F5), 400Pa (F6-F8)
Max. operating temperature: 100°C

Max. relative humidity: 100%



Product code Dimension Bag  Rated air volume  Initial resistance  (Pa) Efficiency (En779)% Material Alternative
W*H*D mm  qty  Frame Media
KRD-FD01 595*595*600 3600 50 F5 Aluminum alloy/ Galvanized steel Synthetic Fiber /Fiberglass Activated carbon/ washable filter material
KRD-FD02 595*595*600 4500
KRD-FD03 295*595*600 1800
KRD-FD04 595*595*600 3400 55 F6
KRD-FD05 595*595*600 4200
KRD-FD06 295*595*600 1700
KRD-FD07 595*595*600 3200 70 F7
KRD-FD08 595*595*600 4000
KRD-FD09 295*595*600 1600
KRD-FD10 595*595*600 3000 80 F8
KRD-FD11 595*595*600 3800
KRD-FD12 295*595*600 1500
We can produce according to the customers’ reasonable technical parameters and requirements.

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