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    Kinds filters are sintered by extremely fine metal fibers...
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    The Stainless Steel Filter Disc is made of Stainless Steel...
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    Kinds filters are sintered by extremely fine metal fibers
  • Oil filter element is indispensable when the engine is running. when selecting the filter element, the accuracy of the filter element should be selected according to the size of the impurities that can be entered. 2020-05-07
  • Oil filter media: hydraulic oil filter generally uses high-quality glass fiber filter paper, wood pulp filter paper, chemical fiber filter paper as filter material. 2020-04-27
  • The meshes of the layers of wire mesh in the production of sintered mesh filter cores are staggered to form a uniform and ideal filter structure, which makes the material have the advantages that ordinary wire meshes cannot compare with Stable shape, etc. 2020-04-25
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